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Reuh, she was named after her great grandmother Ruenah, the name was strange to her but she loved and cared for her Gran until the day she passed away, after that day Reuh grew in confidence, her mind open to every possibility handed to her, not one for being a slacker she was always into almost anything and everything, even to her detriment at times! She never once let any tragic event or knockdown hold her back, she was a Stormtalon, strong and dependable!

Years flew by and this young child grew into a rather headstrong young lady, she was often called a 'Tom-boy' for her strong will and attitude towards anyone trying to harm another, also she loved Alchemy, something which was really only, before then, used by the male upper classes, nothing a female should really get involved in... or so they thought! Reuh went on for a few more years, reaching the age of twenty-one, only mere days before the Sundering would hit her people... and the curse.

Reuh was one of the last to fall to the feral Worgen, she fought hard, tooth and nail if you will pardon the pun, ending up with deep cuts and gashes upon her face, ones which would both scar her and change her forever. The moment she started turning, she had no understanding of what was happening, her mind started to race as her skin grew coarse and fur sprouted all over, her bones cracking and reshaping as she became a verritable hulk of a creature, rather more like a male Worgen than a female.

It took rather a long time for the ones not blessed or cursed with this pandemic to find Reuh, she was covered in rags of her old clothes, her left paw strangled by what was left of her shoes, the pain was obviously getting to her beastly and addled mind, giving her a strangely understanding and almost, and the word almost was to be stressed, human mind, she was snarling and clawing as the un-tainted humans she once knew as friends tried to tie her up, the rope was thick and bound into her wrists and legs, but it was a relief compared to the confines of her once bound and gagged left foot... or paw is better a word now.

It wasn't too long before she was met with a sight she had grown in life to detest, the snotty nosed gaze of Lord Godfrey was staring right at her, she was feral but even then the look of hate, disgust and downright fear was apparant even to her. He spoke in snarled and muffled tones, the slimeball was angering her, she wanted to break free and gut him where he stood, the restraints creaked and groaned as she did this, snarling like the beast she had become, Godfrey just sneering, almost smiling in that way no person ever wants to witness.

After a while she calmed, Godfrey had waltzed away and she was left alone, save for two other cursed souls, both male, one looking rather strangely at her, the other with his ears flattened, clearly he was scared while the other was... well lets not say. Then as she started to slip into a sleep, she was rudely awoken by a hooded man, his expression a look between grim sadness and slight optimism, a strange look indeed! He was preparing alchemical vials, she knew in the back of her addled mind that he was going to do something drastic, these potions were either very good, or very very bad news!

Eventually he was finished, the look in his eyes calmed her down, her entire form was shaking, she was terrified of what may happen next, was she about to die? Was this the end? She closed her eyes, cringing as she felt a sudden pressure on her head... he... he was comforing her! Surely not she thought as she slowly opened her eyes to see him smiling as he patted her scarred head softly 'You will be okay, I prommise.' the man uttered as he offered the vial to her lips, she hesitated for a moment but then took the contents willingly as she closed her eyes, thinking this would be her last ever thought...

She waited... and waited some more, the end was not coming! What was happening to her? Was she going to die slowly like that worm Godfrey seemed to want so much? No... no! Her mind was getting more clear by the moment! She was starting to remember what had happened... the sickening memory of the events that had taken place not long before, or so she thought, were flooding back... she did not like this! She opened her eyes, the look on the mans face was not one of disgust, anger... or even grimness, it was of joy! He was smiling, he then spoke 'You seem far less agitated now, how are you young one?', the words took only moments to sink in and she replied 'I... I have a headache... what happened to me?' she then looked down at her hands, they were more like paws now, she then looked to the rest of her form... she was huge!

She staggered back for a moment and then got her balance as the man just stood there, smiling to her, he then replied 'You have had rather a shock young one. Tell me, do you remember your name?', Reuh's head was spinning, she just stuttered out as if not sure how to think for a moment 'R-Reuh... My name is Reuh... oh god my voice, what the heck happened? What am I?!' The man just chuckled and then looked rather stern for a moment, his emotions seemingly not getting too much of a hold of him 'You have been cursed by the Worgen, they mauled you rather badly which explains part of that headache, I stitched you together myself, I hope the pain relief is working?' Reuh just stood there, dazed. Worgen? What the heck was that? Then she remembered, she had become a creature of immense power... a killing machine!

Reuh just wobbled and then collapsed in a heap as the hooded man shouted to the others to help him, then everything went dark....

To be continued.
This is a short story of my Worgen Druidess Reuh on WoW.
StygianPhantasm Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well written!
MAcorn Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thankies! :hug:
StygianPhantasm Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome!
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